„I would describe it as the realisation of a feeling of warmth towards something that you were previously disturbed by. It is a sort of anti-xenophobia, and it is interesting to me that we have a word for xenophobia but not for this. ‚Xenophilia‘ is something different, it is a love of this exotic. This is more about realising that the ‚xeno‘ is not actually so strange. If I want the viewers to get anything from my work it is this experience of a journey from disturbance to warmth.“

Patricia Piccinini:











The universe I occupy is a creature of my head. It is wholly unique to me. The process of intimacy is the process of becoming better at inviting others in to have a look around. The sensation of loneliness is the crushing acknowledgement that however good you get at giving such invitations no one will be able to see very much at all.

Charles Foster: Being a Beast